"Comin' Through"
(a book in progress by Kenyon Jordan)


"Comin' Through" consists of seven chapters by Kenyon Jordan, co-founder of the Intemann Trail Committee (ITC), describing the early years of the Intemann Trail. The story begins with Paul Intemann's original vision in 1986 and continues to 1990, when ITC volunteers completed the trail from the Palmer/Red Rock Loop Trail to Crystal Park Road. Foot Notes,the ITC newsletter, which started in 1990 as a once-or-twice-a-year publication, continues the saga from that point on. The chapters of "Comin' Through," which originally appeared in Foot Notes, are available for reading on this page by clicking on the chapter links.

Chapter 1: The day Paul called about a trail

Chapter 2: No right of way, no problem

Chapter 3: A committee shall lead them… and the trail from nowhere

Chapter 4: The first workday: An 'unreal energy level'

Chapter 5: '88: Could ITC keep its 'mo'?

Chapter 6: 1989: A very good year

Chapter 7: 1990: 'Comin' through'… and we meant it