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Section 16 to Crystal Park Road
            Welcome to the website for the Paul Intemann Memorial Nature Trail, a 5-mile-plus mountain trail above Manitou Springs, Colorado, that was built by Intemann Trail Committee (ITC) volunteers, starting in 1987, and completed in 2014 with the aid of groups working with the City of Manitou Springs. The ITC retired after 2014, but we are keeping this website active as a resource.

Among the browsable items are trail maps, the ITC's history in photos, "Comin' Through" (a seven-chapter account of the ITC's early years), a guide for the section from the Palmer/Red Rock Loop Trail to Crystal Park Road and archived copies of the ITC's newsletter, Foot Notes.

Why did the Intemann Trail Committee retire after 27 years?
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Summer 2014 workdays
complete Intemann Trail

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October 4, 2014 - Volunteers at the last official ITC workday take an end of the day break at the Sutherland Creek waterfall.

1991 - Volunteers celebrate after the two-day project that transformed the remains of a former streetcar line past the Iron Spring in Manitou Springs into the westerly trailhead of the Intemann Trail.

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